Professional Management

SIG is a full-service basketball agency. We offer our clients a complete package of services in order to maximize their earning potentional, not just simply negotating their contracts. However, the most important function that SIG provides is to help manage our client’s professional basketball career.


For the players that are in the WNBA or attempting to be in the WNBA, partnering with SIG will maximize your opportunities. SIG has been representing players in the WNBA since the league’s inception. SIG’s contacts and reputation are second to none. Having a full understanding of the league and the value our clients bring to it, we insure that our clients receive the maximum compensation for their value. SIG will negotiate increases from one season to the next after their rookie contract is up, rewarding our clients for their hard work. SIG also has a great understanding of the dynamics of each team, coach and player, and works to find the best possible fit for each player. If there is ever a conflict of interest, no other agency has the track record of SIG in working with multiple teams to negotiate trade and transfers.


SIG’s roots are in international basketball, and our network and reputation in Europe and Asia is second to none. SIG has an incredible understanding of the functions and details of every top international league, most notably the Euroleague and Eurocup. We have a working relationship with every major team in the world and have represented players in every national league in Europe. SIG clients will be provided with the best representation possible in international basketball, and will have an experience of a lifetime by living abroad while playing. SIG will formulate a plan consistent with our client’s needs and wishes, and will work hard to find the ideal situation. Every year, the SIG staff spends months promoting its players, marketing their abilities, and unique skills they posses. After finding the proper team, in an environment conducive to the player’s needs, SIG will negotiate the best possible terms for employment. It is our goal to make sure our clients have a safe, comfortable, and profitable experience overseas.

Professional basketball players have a limited timeframe with which they can compete at the highest levels and earn a commensurate salary. Sports International Group supports our players in preparing for life after basketball, having hired Australian career development and transition expert Sam Wloszczowski to assist with this process.

You Will:

  • Be provided with opportunities to maximize your networking opportunities
  • Have your off-court business interests supported
  • Have your off-court charitable interests supported, including whereby players wish to begin a foundation of their own
  • Be linked with mentors in fields of interest
  • Be supported with your transition into life after basketball
  • Be supported with coaching, training, broadcasting opportunities after competing
  • Be able to work through a process to determine areas of interest beyond basketball
  • Be supported with off-court partnership opportunities in areas of interest

Marketing & Philanthrophy

We offer the following services in our expanded global marketing sector:

  • Assistance with professional bio and portfolio
  • Increase off-court opportunities
  • Negotiate ‘staple’ deals to supplement player’s income (shoe deal, trading cards etc.)
  • Partner with Public Relation firms to increase exposure
  • Generate and promote individualized brand through endorsements
  • Generate and promote individualized brand through sponsorships
  • Assistance with website design
  • Assistance with logo and business card profile
  • Promote radio and television appearances
  • Automobile deals and discounts
  • Magazine promotions
  • Entertainment interest
  • Charity and philanthropy affiliations
  • Camps and mini clinic implementation
  • Networking opportunities with influential partners
  • Project brainstorming
  • Develop strategies that will be consistent with career development both during and after basketball
  • Empower clients with the tools they need to get the results they want

Personal Management

The purpose of SIG’s full-service approach to representing athletes is to make it so that our clients are completely taken care of off the court. One of the services that is offered by SIG is management of clients’ personal affairs, should they want it.

Our personal management service:

Mail Forwarding

SIG can serve as the client’s “home base” receiving all packages and mail.

Endorsement Orders

SIG arranges for all products provided by endorsement contracts to be delivered to the location that is best for the client.

Travel Arrangements

SIG will coordinate all travel arrangements for the client, pertaining to contractual duties in the United States and abroad, assisting family and friends as well.

Passport and Visas

SIG will assist the client and their family members in obtaining US Passports and/or Visas for travel abroad.

Banking and Checking Management

SIG will assist the client by taking care of their bill pay and banking needs.

Candace Parker

Being with SIG has given me the opportunity to complement my WNBA career with playing overseas. Trusting SIG's worldwide knowledge of the ins and out of this business has allowed me to maximize my earning potential. Trusting your agent is key and the quality I most appreciate in Boris is his honesty!! So, I can honestly say that the best part of our relationship is the personal approach they have, where now I consider them my family.

- Candace Parker

Lindsay Whalen

I have been with SIG since my rookie season. Boris, Ticha and his staff have guided me through my career and have always been there to help me make important decisions. From being a rookie in the league, to my first contract overseas, first olympics, first WNBA championship, to being a veteran in the league they have been there through it all. Not only do we have a great working professional relationship but we are great friends as well. I know that in any situation, at any time of the day or night I can call Boris or Ticha and they are going to help me. This type of service and care I don’t think you can get with any agency. To me that is the best advice I could give anyone looking for an agent or agency is find people who truly care about you as a person first and an athlete second. They are the epitome of that quality and that is why I have been their client for going on 15 years.

- Lindsay Whalen

Kayla McBride

SIG has always had my best interest not only as a player, but as a person. In a business world, they treat their players like family and that's something you can't replace!

- Kayla McBride