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For an NBA prospect, the moment you sign with Sports International Group signals the beginning of your preparation phase. SIG will put together a package of services specifically tailored to you, which is designed to maximize your draft position and earning potential and put you in the best position for long-term success.


Provide the player with strength, agility and skills trainers to prepare them for the NBA Draft.

Provide access to medical, physical therapy, massage as needed to support the player through this process.

Provide the player with accommodation, transportation and a comfortable environment allowing them to focus primarily on the task at hand with minimal stress.

Creating an individual strategic plan based on feedback from NBA personnel designed to showcase the player’s skill set and improve on any perceived limitations.

Prepare and train the player for how to handle the workout period, interviews with teams, and media training.

Scheduling interviews and individual workouts with NBA teams. Advocate for the player’s inclusion in the most appropriate combines, camps or tournaments for their individual situation.

Provide all media material for NBA teams as part of an individually tailored plan. This might include having video analysis undertaken and distributed, social media use, website creation, or written materials.


Professional basketball is a rigorous, physical and extremely competitive business.
Professional basketball players are progressively becoming more and more athletic, stronger and talented.
Each year, the NBA and international leagues become more and more challenging and exciting.
Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that players continuously prepare themselves both physically and mentally. A player’s offseason is critical to his success in the league they compete in. SIG works to make sure that our clients have access to the top basketball and physical trainers, in the best possible facilities.

SIG puts together position-specific camps and training sessions, run by some of the best coaches and trainers in the business. During these training sessions, whether they are individual or with a small group, SIG clients will benefit from hands-on coaching and evaluation, and will be pushed hard to improve their games. They will find themselves turning their weaknesses into strengths, and they will be ready to come to training camp with improved knowledge, skill and work ethic. SIG clients pride themselves on always being ready – be it for a workout, combine, NBA Summer League or the NBA regular season and playoffs.
Training is a vital part of a professional athlete, and SIG’s clients train with the very best.

Marketing & Philanthropy

We offer the following services in our expanded global marketing sector:

Assistance with professional bio and portfolio

Increase off-court opportunities

Negotiate ‘staple’ deals to supplement player’s income (shoe deal, trading cards etc.)

Partner with Public Relation firms to increase exposure

Generate and promote individualized brand through endorsements

Generate and promote individualized brand through sponsorships

Assistance with website design

Assistance with logo and business card profile

Promote radio and television appearances

Automobile deals and discounts

Magazine promotions

Entertainment interest

Charity and philanthropy affiliations

Camps and mini clinic implementation

Networking opportunities with influential partners

Project brainstorming

Develop strategies that will be consistent with career development both during and after basketball

Empower clients with the tools they need to get the results they want

Career Development

Professional basketball players have a limited timeframe with which they can compete at the highest levels and earn a commensurate salary. Sports International Group supports our players in preparing for life after basketball, having hired Australian career development and transition expert Sam Wloszczowski to assist with this process.

You Will:

Be provided with opportunities to maximize your networking opportunities

Have your off-court business interests supported

Have your off-court charitable interests supported, including whereby players wish to begin a foundation of their own

Be linked with mentors in fields of interest

Be supported with your transition into life after basketball

Be supported with coaching, training, broadcasting opportunities after competing

Be able to work through a process to determine areas of interest beyond basketball

Be supported with off-court partnership opportunities in areas of interest

Alex Len

“Being a part of the SIG sports agency is like being a part of another family. They make you feel like a family member versus a client with the true personal attention and the amount of time and effort they put into helping develop your career.”

Tarik Black

“SIG is not just an agency, it’s a family. From day one everyone in the agency has accepted me, not only as a client, but into the bond that they all share. I know I’m not supposed to be anywhere else or with anyone else. With this agency is where I belong. They’ve worked extremely hard and have been very professional in representing me. They are a major part of my success. #SIGFam”

Boris Lelchitski
Founder & CEO

With over thirty years of experience in the sports industry, Boris Lelchitski has established himself as one of the top sports agents in the world. In 1996, Boris founded Sports International Group, and has since managed the careers of numerous high-profile professional basketball players and coaches.

Since 2006, Boris has developed SIG into one of the most respected and dynamic agencies in the professional basketball world. Specializing in women’s basketball, Boris client list now includes some of the top athletes in the sport. SIG represents over 30 players in the WNBA, including WNBA Champions, Most Valuable Players, All-Stars and Rookies of the Year. Internationally, SIG represents numerous high-profile clients who have won European Championships, Olympic Medals, World Championship Medals as well as Euroleague and Eurocup Club championships.

Boris has developed an incredible reputation in the professional basketball world through his dedication and high level of integrity, as well as the results he gets for his clients. No other agency can come close to the amount of success that SIG has had over the last 15 years. SIGs clients consistently receive top-dollar contracts and are provided with a personal service that is unmatched in the industry. This combination is why SIGs clients are the happiest and most successful in the business. Boris has negotiated record-setting contracts for women’s basketball players and SIG’s women’s basketball clients consistently earn a combined average of over $15million per season. These proven results are what separate Boris from the competition and place him in an elite category.

Prior to founding SIG, Boris spent the majority of his career coaching in Russia and the United States. While in Russia, he was the head coach of Spartak, St. Petersburg for eleven years. During that span, Spartak was a major competitor in the Euroleague. After coming to the United States, Boris spent three years as Head Women’s Basketball Coach at Heathwood Hall Academy, and five years coaching AAU Basketball in Columbia, South Carolina. During his coaching career, Boris won over 500 games and numerous conference and state championships on the amateur and pro levels.

Boris holds a Master’s Degree in Basketball Coaching from Lesgaft Academy of Physical Education in St. Petersburg, Russia and an associate’s degree in Sports Administration from the University of South Carolina.

Michael Lelchitski
Executive Director

Michael Lelchitski joined Sports International Group in late 2008 as Men’s Basketball Executive Director, a title he still holds as well as Vice President. This is actually Michael’s third stint with SIG, however, as he previously completed two internships and served as a marketing associate. Michael and his father, President and company founder Boris Lelchitski, launched SIG Men’s Basketball in 2009. Since the launch of the Men’s Basketball division in 2009, SIG has successfully carved out a tremendous niche for itself in international men’s basketball, especially in Russia, Ukraine and all the countries of the former Soviet Union.

As the Vice President and Men’s Basketball Executive Director, Michael is excited to launch SIG into the male basketball industry. Working with SIG’s well-established reputation and professional contacts, his primary roles include client recruiting, contract negotiation, and strategic guidance and management for SIG’s male clients. Michael is fully licensed by the NBA Players Association, becoming the only current Russian-American agent certified to represent players with NBA clubs.

Under Michael’s direction, the Men’s Basketball Division has followed the international roots of SIG, representing a wide-variety of players from North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia.

Before joining SIG full-time, Michael spent a year coaching basketball at Blue Ridge School – a nationally ranked preparatory school program in St. George, Virginia.

Michael earned his Bachelor’s Degree in History and International Studies from Sewanee: The University of the South, where he played linebacker for the Tigers football team.

Director, Australasia

& Career Development

Sammy joined Sports International Group in early 2012 after moving from Melbourne, Australia, where he has held a variety of roles across the Australian sporting landscape. Sammy has worked in athlete development and welfare across over a dozen professional and Olympic sporting teams.

After completing a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce/Sports Management, Sammy went on to work at an array of sporting clubs and institutions, including as the Player Development Manager for a professional Australian Rules Football club, and the Athlete Career and Education Advisor at the prestigious Victorian and New South Wales Institutes of Sport.

With a focus and expertise in athlete career development, personal well-being and life balance, Sammy has previously and currently continues to represent several of the finest Australian athletes across multiple sports, including national team members, Olympic gold medallists, Commonwealth Games medallists, and both male and female Olympic basketballers. He possesses FIBA management credentials and a sound understanding of the Australian sporting culture and lifestyle, and subsequently will be coordinating all Australasian programs for Sports International Group, while working to support the career development of SIG clients in their ambitions above and beyond basketball.

He brings to SIG his proven track record of supporting elite-level athletes to achieve their potential both within and beyond their sporting realm.

Director of Men's Basketball Operations

Jonathan joined Sports International Group in April 2016 as a Fellow and, using his basketball experience and legal acumen, made an immediate impact. He joined SIG full-time in September of 2016 as the Director of Men’s Basketball Operations and Corporate Counsel.

As Director of Men’s Basketball Operations and Corporate Counsel, Jonathan is responsible for providing operational support to the Men’s Basketball Division using his Salary Cap and Collective Bargaining Agreement expertise. As Corporate Counsel, Jonathan is responsible for all legal matters across SIG’s three divisions.

Before joining the SIG team, Jonathan interned and worked with the Washington Wizards, New Orleans Pelicans, National Basketball Retired Players Association, Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, ESPN color commentator Stephen Howard, and Hottell Family Law Group in Fairfax, Virginia. In addition to his work experience in professional basketball, Jonathan is also a former high school and college athlete. He takes great pride in having coached the boys’ basketball team at his alma mater, the GW Community School in Springfield, Virginia.

Jonathan earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management with a minor in Sports Management from Lynchburg College, and a Juris Doctorate from Tulane University Law School with a certificate in Sports Law. Jonathan is a member of the District of Columbia Bar Association.